What's next after Hershel?

Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree:
What if you were a tree?  Would you want to be part of Christmas?  Would you want to be cut down?  Get inside Harold’s bark as he matures and finds his true purpose in life.  He becomes happy when he learns to listen and accept other points of view.  He finds that true joy comes in helping others.

Lance the Thanksgiving Turkey:
Find out what happens to Lance the organic, free range, vegetarian turkey as he is eaten by a hungry farmer’s family on thanksgiving.  On his way to forever rest he has a wacky out of body experience called a “poultrygeist”.  This “parrot-normal” tale involves many complicated themes about eating animals as part of the natural food cycle which will have vegetarians and meat eaters sharing a table.

The Two Identical Snowflakes:
Join two snowflakes as they spin their way down towards two neighboring houses celebrating Hanukah and Christmas.  The metaphoric message that we really aren’t all that different is interspersed with a self sacrificing fall upon a spark to prevent the homes from going up in flames.  Are random acts of kindness happening all around us all the time even though we do not see them?  Does a good deed need credit?

Linda the Hypoallergenic Cat and the Halloween Miracle:

Meet the Snizzards, a family that is absolutely allergic to every aspect of Halloween including pumpkins!  Laugh at their inept craziness as they are forced to host this year’s school Halloween party.  Replacing pumpkins with Jack-O-Melons is just the start, but as their sensitivities get the best of them they themselves turn into true monsters.  It is up to Linda the hairless black cat who is allergic to people to save the day!